Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you do not see an answer to your question below, please call the surgery center at 440-930-6050.

QUESTION: What can I eat and drink?

ANSWER: The patient should have nothing to eat or drink (including water, hard candy, breath mints, gum and chewing tobacco) after midnight the night before surgery.

QUESTION: What should I expect when I arrive at the Center?


Please arrive at the Center one (1) hour before your scheduled surgery, unless otherwise instructed.  Bring a list of all current medications (include strength and dosage).  Please bring your completed Registration Form, Photo ID and current insurance cards.  Also bring any copay, coinsurance and/or deductible.  You will also be asked to sign a Consent to Surgery form, which acknowledges your permission for the surgeon to operate. If the patient is a minor, this form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

You will meet with your anesthesia provider before surgery to answer your questions.  Before your surgery you will be allowed to have a family member or friend join you.

QUESTION: What should I wear?

ANSWER: Wear loose, comfortable casual clothing that can easily slip over bandages, arms, legs or your head. Remove your contact lenses.  Bring your glasses and a case to put them in.  Do not apply lotions or moisturizers.  Remove make-up and nail polish.  Leave your jewelry and valuables at home.  Remove all body piercings.

QUESTION: My child is scheduled for surgery, are there special arrangements for pediatric patients?

ANSWER: Since the prospect of surgery can be frightening to a young child (and also to the child’s parents) our staff makes every effort to alleviate the fears of both parents and child. Upon request, a tour will be conducted to acquaint your child with our staff and facilities. We also recognize that a parent’s presence can provide great source of comfort for the pediatric patient. For this reason, we encourage you to stay with your child in the pre-operative area before surgery and in the recovery room following surgery.  Children may bring a special toy, book or blanket, if desired.  Two adults should accompany children; one to drive and one to take care of the child.

QUESTION: What happens after my surgery?

ANSWER: After surgery, you will be moved to our fully-equipped recovery room, where you will remain under close observation by our recovery room nurses until you are ready to go home. Although the length of stay in the recovery room varies according to the type of procedure and your surgeon’s instructions, most patients are discharged an average of 30-90 minutes after surgery depending on the type of anesthetic required for the procedure.  Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home.

QUESTION: What precautions should I take after I’m home?


Your surgeon will provide post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest, and medications. We suggest that you pamper yourself the first 24 hours following surgery, and arrange for an adult friend or relative to stay with you. Since it is normal to feel drowsy after receiving anesthetic, we also recommend that you postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving and operating equipment
  • Signing important papers
  • Making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

QUESTION: Should I take my daily medications?

ANSWER: Some medications need to be taken.  If you are taking medications, please check with one of our nurses prior to your surgery for instruction.  Do not take herbal medications prior to surgery.

QUESTION: Can I brush my teeth?

ANSWER: Brushing your teeth the morning of surgery is fine, providing you do not swallow any water.  Parents please supervise young children as they brush to ensure they do not swallow water.

QUESTION: May I have small sips of water, chew gum, or have mints prior to surgery?

ANSWER: No, this may lead to cancellation of your surgery.