Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please call the surgery center at 727-724-5653.

QUESTION: What can I eat and drink?

ANSWER: The patient may have nothing to eat for 8 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time.  You may drink water only up to 4 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time.

QUESTION: What should I expect when I arrive at the Center?

ANSWER: You should arrive at the Surgery Center promptly at the arrival time given to you by the Surgery Center nurse.  Please bring a list of all current medications (include strength and dosage).  Also, bring your Photo ID and current insurance cards and copay, coinsurance and/or deductible if applicable.

A health history and/or brief physical exam may take place before surgery.  An IV catheter will be placed for administration of medication.

QUESTION: What should I wear?

ANSWER: Wear loose, comfortable casual clothing. Remove your contact lenses.  Bring your glasses and a case to put them in.  Do not apply lotions or moisturizers.  Remove nail polish.  Leave your jewelry and valuables at home.  Remove all body piercings.

QUESTION: What happens after my surgery?

ANSWER: After surgery, you will be given instructions.  You may experience a slight increase in discomfort after the procedure that will improve within 24-48 hours.  Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home.  You will not be allowed to drive a vehicle from the Center.

QUESTION: What precautions should I take after I’m home?

ANSWER: Your surgeon will provide post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest, and medications. Your activities may be restricted for a period of time.  We also recommend that you postpone the following activities for 24 hours after discharge:

  • Driving and operating equipment
  • Signing important papers
  • Making significant decisions
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

QUESTION: Should I take my daily medications?

ANSWER: Some medications need to be taken. If you are taking medications, please check with one of our nurses prior to your surgery for instruction.