Healthcare Today – An Opportunity for Growth

Sweeping regulatory changes have transformed our healthcare delivery system. New technological advancements and improved services available on an outpatient basis are fueling the massive shift away from the traditional healthcare setting. Concurrently, patients demand more convenient, cost-effective healthcare…close to home. To adapt to these changes, local physician groups need a powerful ally – a partner whose financial resources, industry experience, and technological expertise match their own high level of professional quality and patient concern. Community Care is that partner.

We’ll Help You See The Forest Through the Trees

One of the most significant trends in healthcare today is the shift of surgical procedures from an inpatient to an outpatient setting. Hospitals are still large providers of outpatient surgery, however they continue to lose market share to more cost-efficient outpatient surgery centers. With advancements in medical technology and equipment capabilities, certain procedures are becoming more feasible for the outpatient setting as physicians adopt minimally invasive techniques. Increased patient demand for same-day surgery also drives volume to the ASC setting. Although physicians remain at the core of our healthcare system, the delivery of medical services has been transformed dramatically. Physicians, who once operated with great autonomy, now face a more demanding and complex work environment along with declining reimbursement. Community Care does not own physician practices. Rather, we provide a joint-ownership opportunity that allows physicians to share in the revenue stream traditionally earned by hospitals.

Physician partners enjoy:
  • Commitment to Quality outcomes
  • Higher Productivity in a “Customer Friendly” Atmosphere
  • Experienced Management Team
  • Local Board and Medical Advisory
  • Greater Purchasing Power with Economies of Scale
  • Share in Return on Investment